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UPSTAGE QUESTIONS RELIGIOUS FANATICISM: INTROSPECTION Stages a psychological thriller play :Upstage - the Luxury Auditorium Cinema at Roseate House is all set to host a stage performance – Introspection. A contemplating skit, Introspection surfaces profound questions:
Are we creating differences that don't exist? Has religion succeeded in bringing us together?

An absurdist psychological thriller, the play holds up a mirror to society, highlighting everything that is wrong with it, its tendencies to discriminate. It serves as a critique of the religious fanaticism which exists in society today and the divides we have created.

Directed by Suramya P. Dasgupta and Anmol Bhogal, the play casts the dramatics team from Hansraj college.

In a parallel world with attributes like ours, societies and their communal divides like ours, an individual named 12, is in his room, preparing himself for something he never thought he'd end up committing: an act of religious extremism. A mission he must accomplish with 14 other individuals of his own faith; a mission that will tremble the world they live in.

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