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Carnatic music

Music is an art to learn. Art is associated with the feelings inside you where we express through music and carnatic music is most used in south Indian states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh. It is evolved from ancient Hindu tails which is the form of an old traditions of the Indian cultures. The aim of carnatic music is mostly on vocal music and instruments are to be played followed by it. 

The basic elements of carnatic music are swara which is called sound of single note raga which is called the musical pitch Tala which is called the rhythmic circles  which is present for both carnatic and Hindustani music. Carnatic music is sung by compositions based on raga tala and swara. Carnatic music is also usually taught and learned compositions. Composers such as Purandhara Dassa , Thayagaraja are  famous composers. The instruments which are included in carnatic music are violin, Tambhura, veena and chitraveena . The most famous and outstanding performances are to be found in Chennai. Such as madars cultural season which is considered to be world’s largest cultural festival. Performances which are held at abroad are based on carnatic music.  Indian classical music is divided to be divine art which is originated from the devas and devis which are Hindu god and goddesses which is symbolic form naradha brahma the ancient scripts also tells us the connections between swara is related to to the sounds of animals and birds which is symbolic to the nature.  Sama vedha which is believed to laid the foundation of classical music and rigvedha to set the musical tunes. The yejurva veda mentions that the veena as an accompainment to vocal racitations. References of classical music are made in many ancient texts including Ramayana and Mahabharatha.   

By: Taruni Priya Sai.V

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