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Dance is a way of expressing our emotions . Be it classical, hip hop, contemporary or any other. Even though all these are dance forms & different parts of the body are given more importance in each of these forms . In India alone there are so many types of dance forms . Kathakali and mohiniattyam  in Kerala , bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, kuchupudi in Andhra Pradesh. In north we have bhangra in Punjab , Dumhal in Jammu and Kashmir.

                          Dances are also used in theatrical performances as well. Dances are played on different occasions on festivals, weddings,some communites dance at the time of death rituals. Dance is all around us whatever movement we see around in the world is dance. Dance can also be martial arts, skating etc.

       Dance is also a way to good health. Aerobics is a way to dance as well as to be fit. Psychology also says that dancing is really good for our brain. It also says if we perform aerobics once a week our brain function will maximize.

                         Dance is not just for physical health, it is also for our mental health . Just like music therapy we also have dance therapy it's a way to intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body. The therapy process for this is :

 1) preparation- this the warm up stage. It is started with the eyes closed
2) Incubation- it is when the leader asked the participant to image a place which is a happy place where the participant would like to relax.
3) Illumination- it can be either be positive or negative. Here they are done therapy with the help of dialogues .
4) Evaluation- This is the last stage here they discuss all the insight and prepare to end the sessions.

            Now there are variety of dance forms used here . It can be mordern dance ,ballet,folk etc.. All of these focus on treating the participants with all of their problems be it depression,stress or any other matter.

              So dance has many boons that help us in many ways not just physically but mentally as well . It can be our hobby, passion,health concerns or mental betterment.

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