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“ Short story of a achiever Manjammajogathi”

“Well, I was a normal boy till the age of 12. But physically and mentally, I used to feel feminine characteristics waiting to surface. And when it did, I became a girl, although society called me a ‘Transgender’. Over time,  people started laughing at me. They don’t understand that I have my own life, my own dreams and aspirations.” Says Manjamma (previously Manjunath).

Born in a middle-class family with two siblings situated in Hospete, Manjunath had been through many troubles in his childhood as people around  always chided him for playing with girls all the time instead of being with people of his own gender. Manjunath’s family openly insulted him for she same and he was scarred for life. All the humiliations pushed Manjunath to end his life then and there by consuming poison and would have very well died there had it not been for her neighbourswho saved her life at the last moment. The more she started to change, the more worried her parents became and eventually it reached a point where they disowned her.

Manjunath took this as a challenge. She later transformed completely into Manjamma from Manjunath. She later joined a folk-dance group that performed a “Jogathi” dance form which changed Manjamma’s life where everyone started her because of her achievements in this field. She won many awards including the honorable Rajapava award, and a state award. Now Manjamma has fame in society and she’s now drawing people close to her. Her family wanted her back, but Manjamma did not oblige and now she supports them financially but she maintains her distance.
Presently, She is a role-model and inspiration to all. She is taking care of transgenders who suffered in their life same as her. She’s continuing her life as a professional jogathi dancer.

By: NavyashreeMS

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