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Smartphones have now become a major part of every individual’s daily life. Ranging from the hands of a young teen to a guy in his 80s, everyone is now a proud owner of a smartphone. While wouldn't want one? It does everything you could possibly think of and it stays right at our fingertips bringing that saying to relevance. With powerful processors for the elite “Gamers” , dual cameras and amazing battery life, smartphones are now way ahead of time. But with these specifications, they don't come cheap. Be it the wallet busting iPhone X , the powerful One Plus 5T or the beautiful Samsung S9+, these arent the affordable ones for everyone put there. So how do you get more with less? Here's a list of 3 affordable smartphones under 20000 INR that are both pocketfriendly as well as versatile.

Xiaomi MI A1

Yes!! The Chinese have done it again. And this time its not a flagship. The MI A1 is one smartphone to grab hold of and for the price its a steal. Plus its a Google powered handset making it a must have for all those stock Android lovers out there. Coming out of the box with the snappy Snapdragon 625 octa core processor clocking an average speed of 2.0 GHz ,4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage and the cherry on top “The dual camera” setup with a combination of two 13 megapixel sensors giving it all the more reason to be part of this list. So if you're looking for some stock Android experience along with amazing camera experience and prefer to go easy on your wallet, this is the phone to have .

Apple IPhone SE

We have the Californian giant up for grabs at a more affordable price . This one is for those who prefer single hand usage being just 4 inches in length.You can now get the Apple experience at a much more pocket friendly price . The SE comes out of the box with the A9 chooses which is still one of Apple’s fastest chooses and is combined with iOS 11 and 2GB of RAM making this phone define the term versatility. The camera consists of a 12 MP shooter which brings out amazing picture quality. To all those iPhone lovers looking for cheaper alternative, this is something you’d like.

Moto G5s Plus

Are you a mobile photographer?  If yes , this phone is what you're looking for . With a dual camera setup of a combination of two 13 megapixel sensors bringing out excellent picture quality, this is for all those mobile photographers thinking of breaking into a bank !. This handset also comes out of the box with the snappy Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor clocking at 2.0 GHz,  4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage . If you're looking for that phone to take those photographs, this is what you're looking for .

Well these are my recommendations for those teens looking for those smartphones that are easy on the wallets .

By-Dan K Babu

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