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Arabic name of Surma is  kuhl. In South Asia it is a either called surmah or Kajal. Surma is applied by muslim men and women during eid and while going to Mosque. In Islamic history Surma is associated with Prophet Musa, while he was on his journey to Madina there he crossed Sandy desert in Saudi Arabia and reached to mountain Kohe - Tur, he perceived a brilliant light in the cold clammy weather, the thing which look like a fire,was not fire in its real sense but, it was a glory of Allah, for Prophet Musa it was the moment of great honour so he adamantly requested to view the presence of Allah, then Allah gave a spark of his reflection, which was very bright and strong,that 
Prophet Musa fell unconscious by the reflection. It is believed that due to this sparks of Allah reflection the whole mountain Kohe - Tur got burnt to ashes, then  the mountain kohitoor asked Allah that why it has been burnt into ashes, Allah replied that, it would be shining in the eyes of people. Therefore the charred stone is used as surma, applying surma is sunnah to every muslim.

As tradition Muslims usually regard Surma as auspicious and apply it daily in their eyes especially before they go to sleep or before they go to namaz.
They rub the surma stome on a hard surface and apply the powder into their eyes with the right index finger. 

  Applying surma is very beneficial for eyes. When is applied regularly and in correct manner can provide many benefits such as, it protects the eyes from dust and pollution, it keeps eyes cool and clears our vision, it prevents dryness, and provides relief to stressed and tired eyes. It beautifies the eyes.

 Now a days surma comes in different forms, powedered surma, liquid surma, while stone surma is good for eyes. In powered or liquid surma they add harmful chemicals which  effect our eyes by causing infections, cornial ulcer, conjuctivial discoloration etc. They best way to avoid such problems is to use stone surma.

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