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6 cm plastic dentures removed from 60 year old stomach at Zen Hospital

60 year old man accidentally swallows Denture while drinking water, removed at Zen Hospital 

From L to R Dr Roy Patankar, Patient Abdul Gani and Dr Tanveer Masjid

Mumbai, 29th May 2018: Mr. Abdul Gani a 60 year old from Saki Naka realize that he had swallowed his plastic denture while drinking water. Doctor at government hospital tried to remove it through endoscopic but failed after repeated trial. Team lead by Dr Roy Patankar, Director and Gastroenterologist at Zen Multi Specialty Hospital with Dr Tanveer Majid, thoracic Onco Surgeon  and anesthesia team Dr Pramod Kale performed complex and complicated esophagotomy with retrieval of plastic denture. 

Patient came to hospital with unbearable pain in chest and upper abdomen. X-Ray was done to find out the location but couldn’t find foreign body inside as it was plastic, Hence CT scan of chest and abdomen was done where denture was located. A 6 cm plastic denture was blocking the food pipe making difficult for 60 yr old to swallow and breath. “There was 3 attempts made for removal of denture through endoscopy but it failed. Since it has more than 48hrs and looking at Patient condition, taking more chance could lead to perforation and infection which could be fatal was, hence relative decided to transfer Patient at Zen Hospital” Said Dr Roy Patankar, Director & Gastroenterologist, Zen Multi specialty Hospital, Chembur.

Dr Tanveer Majid thoriac Oncosurgeon, Zen Multi specialty Hospital said “this case was very complicated due to Patient age and failed attempts elsewhere. Due to smoking habit of Patient, it made difficult for us for anesthesia and also cutting food pipe was major risk at it leaks inside and patient had been to us after 48 hours of incidence. But with the expert team at Zen hospital Food pipe was cut and resuctured. We had performed oesophagotomy operation plus removal of foreign body with primary closure of food pipe.

Dr Roy Patankar added "This patient had swallowed the denture which had got impacted in the post cricoids region which is the narrowest part of food pipe .The patient has swallowed while drinking water. In spite of repeated attempts it was not possible to remove it endoscopically as the dimension of the denture was three times the size of esophageal. Since the denture was curved like horse shoe it was lodged against of the anterior esophageal wall and any attempt to enter the esophagus used to lift the esophagus and impacted denture more anteriorly making it impossible to get a firm grip in these circumstances there was no option other than opening the esophagus and extracting the denture followed by closure in. Later pt was started with liquids after 3 days of surgery through pipe kept running through nose till stomach. Special dye test was done to check healing and then pt was allowed to take through mouth. Now patient is fine and taking all well through mouth. Repeated Endoscopy shows almost completely healed food pipe.”

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