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‘Anurakthi’ is the Worlds First 3D Sanskrit Film

The 3,000-year-old Sanskrit language may not be part of our daily discourse, but a filmmaker has shot a feature film in Sanskrit in 3D.
World's first Sanskrit 3D film 'Anurakthi was among the main attraction in 3D category at the  International Film Festival of India which was held in Panaji in Goa.
Asokan PK-directed film throws light on the ancient theatrical tradition of Koodiyattam in Kerala. The movie narrates the story of 'Vasudha', a Punjabi danseuse, who comes to Kerala to learn Koodiyattam from a practitioner called Paramesharwan Chakkiar.
The movie blends tradition and modernity by taking the audience through the world of Koodiyattam, 2000-year-old dance form of Kerala. The low budget 80-minute film, is in 'colloquial' Sanskrit, with a song to boot.
A team of 10 Sanskrit scholars extended their expertise to check the semantics of the film dialogues, besides acting as dialect coaches to the actors.
The motto behind making the film is to make Sanskrit language relevant even for today. The movie is expected to see a commercial release in February 2018.
The main challenge for the artists in the film was to put it in a contemporary setting and present it in a language which can be easily grasped by the viewers. It is a film that is not a commercial in nature, but its significance is to create an art of living.
Here is a Exclusive Interview done with the Director Asokan and Actress vani the best part they shared some of the Experience working on this Project.
 1. What made you pursue film making
-PK Asokan ( Director)- I have seen every individual has a story within.So I considered making films on peoples experiences and on their lives to make every normal individual feel themselves as a celebrity.

2. what road blocks did u faced when you started out doing this project
- PK Asokan -By God's grace I got the team of all the talented people with me for this 3D Sanskrit Movie project ,so with these mega talented artists such as like Vani Vashishth, Padamsree Award Winner Sivam Namboodri Ji and others we faced minimal  road blocks.

3. How do you come up with idea of Sanskrit film making
-PK Asokan When in saw young and beautiful actress Vani Vashishth chanting sanskrit shlokas in an event so accurately that gave me a spark to go ahead with this Sanskrit movie project that too with her only in 3D format.I found an upcoming legend in her.

4. Vani, Can you tell more about your upcoming projects
(Actress) -Have recently signed as lead roles in Turkish film along with 2 upcoming bollywood movies and one Punjabi movie too.

5.can you tell us about the greatest moment in your film career
- Vani - The moment when PK Asokan- Director of Anurakthi approached me for this creative and unique project which showcases our maiden language Sanskrit along with the Indian traditions.

6.whats your strength
- I think the nature to adapt myself according to the circumstances is my strength which does allows me to work flawlessly without hiccups in any given situations. A role of 16 years old autistic girl child in my upcoming bollywood film is one of the most loved and applauded character which was seamlessly played beacause of my strength.

7. Your most memorable and sad moment
-Memorable moment - When people asked for autographs and selfies with me after watching my debut filmThe Last Tale of Kayenat in which i played the title role my Grandma also approached me for an autograph on her hankerchief which brought tears of happiness in my eyes.

Sad- Leaving God's own country Kerala and wonderful people after the shoot.

8. Your weaknesses
- I am not easily convinced with the efforts i put on my work.

9. Have you pursued acting course
-  No ,Becoming an actor was inherited from my father Mr Rajeev Vashishth who is an Actor as well as Ace cricketer too.For me each one of us on this planet is playing a role in their own orbit. I love observing people around and executing my observations has been my strength since childhood.

10. Your first experience in front of camera as it's a sanskrit film
- I have been chanting mantras and shlokas since my childhood so acting in Sanskrit movie was an opportunity for me to showcase my hidden talent and I was very much excited for the same.

11. Your fitness secret
- I follow normal routine diet wherein I am very much particular about the timings.

12. Your suggestions for youngsters
-Place your parents before God & Run behind satisfaction rather then success.

13. Your suggestions for upcoming youngsters
- Always be grounded, Look for the stars and you will get what you deserve. Always remind yourself parents are the live God.

( Interviewed by: Manasa Gowda )

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