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How Milk Can Help Prevent Diseases

We all have heard the proverb - "Prevention is better than cure". The intrinsic meaning it holds is very powerful and if we implement the idea in our lives, we can make significant gains. One area where this idea can be applied to most effectively is our health. It's common knowledge that many diseases are caused when we become careless about our heath or when our bodies become deficient in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Not exercising regularly, surviving on junk food, and handling stressful situations everyday are some of the factors that can make us sick. Diseases affect our personal and professional lives and increase our financial burden. This is where the principle of prevention comes into play. If we exercise daily, eat nutritious food and learn to avoid stress and anxiety, we can protect ourselves from various diseases. For taking care of the nutrition part, one of the best things we can include in our diet is milk and milk products. Let's take a look at how milk aptly justifies the proverb - "prevention is better than cure".

Milk helps prevent bone related diseases
Milk is rich in important nutrients such as Vitamin D, protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. All of these work together to ensure strong &healthy bones. For optimal gains, it has been recommended that people should start consuming milk and milk products at an early age. Children and teens who consume milk and milk products on a regular basis can significantly reduce their risk of developing bone related problems such as osteoporosis, later in life.

Milk helps lower blood pressure
As per the tenets of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) plan, it is possible to manage high blood pressure with a healthy diet. As per the DASH diet plan, it has been recommended that people should consume 2-3 servings of milk and milk products every day. The rest of the diet will include 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. This highly nutritious diet supplies adequate quantity of calcium, potassium and magnesium. These three nutrients haveshown to reduce high blood pressure.

Last but not least, milk also helps prevent chronic diseases. The pulls and pressures of modern day lifestyles have led to an increase in chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and stroke. Studies indicate that people who regularly consume milk and milk products can reduce their risk of developingchronic diseases. A number of studies have also shown that milk and milk products can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.With all these benefits, milk justifies the idea that prevention is better than cure. 

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