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Personal Interview - Bangalore Xpress Chai Founder Mohammed Dilshad

Bangalore Xpress Chai is the High-tech tea shop good taste of Chai is served here as they One Cup of Chai that fuels Progress and Inspires Perfection, you are interested to taste a authentic and different kinds of Chai you have to Visit Xpress Chai venture  In Koramangala So here is a young and Dynamic Founder Mohammed Dilshad  who speaks about his venture Idea behind of starting of this Unique Xpress Chai.

What made you start up this unique venture? Any Specific reason for this name?
As I Grown in a Business family from Young age I had  always had a Passion of becoming Entrepreneur. By the time I finished my MBA from St Joseph’s Institute of Management from Bangalore the urge of becoming a Entrepreneur became so strong that I started this Venture Xpress Chai .
 Who is your target audience?
 We are looking at a large target audience and do not want to limit ourselves to a specific category. We want to cater to everyone from teenagers to college goers to even corporates. Basically, the idea is to provide to all kinds of people who want to have fun with health food.

What’s the idea or story behind the venture? How did it come to an existence? What motivated you to start this own venture?
Initially I had a Plan of starting Juice truck but than some how we Planned of starting Tea Truck our Plan is to tie up with Cycle Chai seller Near IT Parks, it a Mutual Benefit for both of us one side we are bringing up their standard of living and parallel we can also brand our Xpress Chai. But some of the Cycle Chai sellers showed Interest some of them did not turn up, so we taught will open our outlet In Koramangala as Bangalore is a Food Hub too.

How do you differentiate between yourself? When compare to rest of other competitors?
How we are different in market is, Our USP is premium Signature blends are Turkish Black Tea and Arabian Black Tea
We serve verities of Homemade Cookies, Dry cakes& Pastry.
Our chef has an experience of more than 10 years from Ritz Carlton. He is also a recipient of the Guinness World Record in 2011.
This is what we differentiate from others.
We are associated with CRY organisation. The price you pay for every cup of chai is going to be a contribution in educating children.

What are the Problems you faced during the initial stage? How did you overcome with that?
We faced lots of problems because none of them are experienced in this field. But we are confident  in what we are doing and our branding was  so strong. Every single steps we took was also learning’s for us.
In the initial stage we had just chai, cookies, and shakes. But after one month we also introduced breakfast & snacks depend on customer demands. And in summer we introduced mock tails & premium milkshakes

What are Your Hobbies?
* I love travelling around the world and explore & watch new things
* socializing
* Playing, Gym

How do you think the hospitality Industry in India?
It’s growing well, in India the people have massive opportunities in hospitality industry, and people should come up with something new in the market.

What’s your suggestion for upcoming Entrepreneurs?
As an entrepreneur, everyone’s have an  idea but execution is very important.  And when I  started my venture, the market was bad and I dint care about market up or down, because of  a recession is the best time to start your own business. The real Entrepreneurs emerge when times are bad. Because Entrepreneurs don’t really care if the market up or down, they are creating better products and better processes. So when somebody says,”oh” there’s less opportunity now”, it’s because they’re losers. So I suggest people “Believe in yourself”    if you have a thought of something to start, you should not post pond, because market is not like before, if you don’t enter in right time then someone will enter your market. The technology is upgraded. Take my word What motivated you to choose this chai specialist? Not other domain in Hospitality Industry We came up with the concept of concept of chai after an intense research of about two years. Our findings show that chai is the basic need of human.

What’s your strength as Entrepreneurs?
* Learn from mistakes
* Good Leader
* Am Passion about what is doing
* Work harder
* Creative Thinker
* Promoter
* High Marketing skills
* Marketing Research

Your Education and Family Background?
Leadership in Organisation – London School of Economics (LSE)
MBA in Marketing – St Josephs Institute of Management Studies
BBM –Acharya Institute of Graduate studies
Diamond Consultant - GIA
Family background – Gold & Diamond Business from last 20years.

If someone wants to learn this? Is there any kind of course you people goanna conduct?
Yes, we can help them with any kind requirement to achieve the goals

If people are interested to know more about this? How they can contact you

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