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How to achieve digital marketing success with email marketing?

All those experts who said that email marketing is dead, might want to take back their words. This form of digital marketing is very much alive and kicking. And when it is used in a judicious way, it can reap high dividends for the brands and the digital marketingagencies. What made email marketing a less potent force in the bygone years was the improper use of this highly efficient medium. Emails are sent to real world people, but somehow the messages disseminated by the brands through them got robotic. This led to a massive downfall of the medium. But, marketing Gurus after storming their brain have now come up with some best practices. We would like to discuss some of the best practices, here, today.

·         It's not all about marketing:Marketers thought they had to put the foot on the accelerator right from the first mail they sent out. Well, the mindset of the email recipients does not tick that way. They want to get acquainted to a brand, learn all about it, make sure it is a trusted name and then they would be interested in doing some business with you. So, marketing comes as a third or fourth stage in your email marketing campaign, it is all about building relationships.

·         Give them value for time:The irony of the present generation is a lack of time. The modern day customers want more with every second they spend. If your mailers are not giving them any value for time, then it will have a high chance of landing in the Spam Box, putting lids on your marketing prospects. You might want to provide them value with your unique content (related to the sector) or through a flurry of offers, depending on the stage of email marketing you are in.

·         "Only for you" deals and offers: There has to be some offers and deals kept aside for the email recipients solely. You cannot send them the offers that are already ongoing at your website or social media pages. Make them believe they are special and you will see them give you special treatment (by subscribing to your emails).

·         Understand their needs:You might be having "N" number of products, but not everyone would be interested in all of them. This is why the segregation of the email list is very important. Segregate the recipients in terms of their likes. Feed them information which would be helpful for them. This would enhance chances of conversion through email marketing.

Email marketing can be your secret to success in a digital marketing campaign, but only when it is done right!

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