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Janapara Shakti is a perfect forum to share thoughts on development: Dr CN Ashwath Narayan Public participation is a key for societal polarising

Bengaluru: Navakarnataka Janapara Shakti, a unique campaign launched by the BJP Karnataka to build new India has become a forum for public to share their thoughts on development, said BJP leader and convener of the campaign Dr CN Ashwath Narayan. While addressing media on Saturday, Dr Ashwath said opinions and suggestions are being taken from general public and prominent citizens in various sectors in order to lay foundation for comprehensive development of the state. 
Public suggestions are being collected in two different modes and the same will be compiled in digital form to prepare blueprint on how each constituency should be developed, said Dr Ashwath.
Here are the details Dr. Ashwath shared in the press conference:
BJP Karnrataka’s unique campaign titled Navakarnataka Janapara Shakti, wherein thousands of residents in the state are giving views on improving your constituencies, is gaining momentum every day. In the past few months, the party members have been active in the exercise, wherein focus group interactions with the participation of genera public are being held at nooks and corners of the state.
The main purpose of this campaign is to create a vision document for every constituency incorporating views of 500 to 1000 influential people from different professions and financial segments, in hope to understand issues at each constituency level and take these suggestions to a larger forum and ensure development and progress of each and every constituency and sector, thus, pushing for a new & better Karnataka
NavaKarnataka Janapara Shakthi, which started as a simple suggestion collection activity, soon evolved into a much larger campaign, where it is decided to include all the 224 constituencies and 23 sectors.
People from all walks of life, irrespective of party affiliations are invited to come forward and share their suggestions or ideas, in any of the multiple platforms available like on video, forms, email, website and Facebook which will be compiled and included in the vision document.
Till date the campaign has reached more than 40 lakh people through SMS and social media. Completed successful events at 40 constituency including Tumkur, Puttur, Arbhavi, Kushtagi etc.
Sector events like Health sector meet, Academicians and Educationalist meet, Youth Empowerment meet, Women Empowerment meet, total 5 such sector wise events saw the presence of many luminary of the respective fields.

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