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Voylla launches Republic of Jewelry campaign to celebrate Art forms of India

Voylla’s core journey has always been taking inspiration from the traditional art & crafts of India to the Jewelry segment. From Kutch to Kantha, Meenakari to Chikankari, Glorious Monuments like Aamer Palace, Mysore Palace, Taj Mahal to dance form of Kathakali, or Tales like Nawabi, Firdaus, Warrior Princess, etc. Voylla has travelled through histories and geographies to evolve & imitate the same into Fashion Jewelry and today has become the omni-channel brand to showcase over 50,000 exclusive designs. Karigari that transcends time, and beauty that celebrates our roots, with a contemporary twist for the modern Indian Women.

This Republic Day, Voylla is proud to present a curated collection of jewelry inspired from all 4 zones of India under one umbrella - Republic of Jewelry. 
From the North of the country, the land of five rivers, bhangra, abundance and joie de vivre comes Phulkari. It is a riot of colours with hand crafted bells and motifs inspired by the traditional embroidery style of Phulkari. 
The classical and visually stunning dance form of Kathakali is at the heart of this collection. It captures the Mudras of of Kathakali – you could see each one of them in this collection.
From the west comes the imagery of vibrant culture of Gujarat, hence known as Rann Utsav. Earthy hues and motifs that celebrate life and nature are all imitated in this contemporary collection. 
East showcases a promising collection of Madhubani, from the time when myths were born and tales of love & togetherness were painted across walls of Mithila. An elegant exploration of the craft which, none other has ever imitated so beautifully!
 Voylla takes the lead of the industry by uniting the nation with #RepublicOfJewelry camapaign, bringing tales from every nook of the country. “We take pride in bringing the diversity of India on one platform with Republic of Jewelry”, says Vishwas Shringi, CEO Voylla.

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