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Let’s start with a simple question.
Why Do You Travel?
Is it to take a break from your boring 9-6 office schedule? May be ‘yes’ but should this ‘break’ be only limited to taking selfies at various tourists destinations? Holidaying or taking a vacation usually is rushing around to fit all 'been-there, done-that' routine.
Well, a vacation can be much more to it. Travelling and holidaying is all about exploring places, knowing it’s history, learning more about the local tribe, eating a local cuisine, going for night safaris.
A country, India, which is statistically 5th most vacation deprived country needs not only a scheduled holiday but a breakthrough in experience a destination. Sterling Holidays have completely revamped themselves and added unique features to their resorts which is bound to change the way India holidays. To begin with, they like to be called themselves as holiday or vacation companies instead of timeshare. "Though we have not reduced importance of timeshare members, we are no longer just timeshare. Our business model has moved as per the customer needs. In fact, we are one of the largest suppliers to portals such as Make My Trip and Ibibo," states Ramesh Ramanathan, MD, Sterling Holidays.
With aesthetically designed, full-service resorts located in scenic leisure destinations in India and around the globe, Sterling promises to deliver a superior and memorable holiday experience. Watch the video to realise what you missed during your last visit to Goa -

The Logo and Mascot

The new logo of Sterling signifies the pinwheel which was our best childhood memory. It consists of three colours purple, warm red and yellow which represents rich experience and discoveries, desire and passion, and energy of diverse places.

“Raja Rex”, Sterling’s new “discovery mascot” is not only a cute and naught dino but a guide who will help travellers discover new activities and experiences. Sterling is also the first ever holiday company in India to offer elaborate holiday insurance for all its customers both for the travel and holiday period. This would be offered from the first quarter of 2018.
According to Mr Peshwa Acharya, CMO, Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, the new brand identity was important because, “essentially what has been happening in the last 5-6 years is that we have really changed the company. Around Rs 250 crores were invested to upgrade all out resorts and we increased our resorts network to around 33 resorts right now. .... We have coined an internal term what we call- PEPS, People, Experience and Place that Sparks joy for the customer. We have focussed on the hardware, software and the visual manifestation of the brand.”
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