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The hunt for a joker – Ace2three’s comic takes on “the joker” in its latest commercial

New Delhi, 13th February, 2018:  

Considering a ‘JOKER’ as a game changer, launched an edgy commercial portraying the journey of an avid rummy player in his quest for a joker.

The ad deploys an interesting take on how a player’s search for a joker to complete his final set can turn into a hilarious manhunt. The player’s choice for online rummy is Ace2three – India’s best & most trustworthy online rummy platform.

Watch the full video here–


Rummy is not just an enjoyable skill game, but is also a de-stressing form of entertainment and Ace2three welcomes everyone to try and experience this on its online rummy platforms (via its mobile apps and on

About Ace2Three:

Ace2three is India’s No. 1 online rummy platform trusted by more than 8 Million players. A pioneer in the online rummy space, Ace2three offers a seamless and entertaining gaming experience to its players.

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