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GANJAM PRIVEE ​TO SHOWCASE ITS EXQUISITE PIECES AT THE IMPERIAL, NEW DELHI : Ganjam, the Indian luxury jewellery brand​ has personally curated a 2 day exhibition in New Delhi, ​that will showcase exclusive and special pieces, along with latest Sakura collection and other highly acclaimed pieces by the brand. Ganjam jewellery is brought to life through the use of only ‘f’ coloured, VVS diamonds, best of handpicked precious stones and purest of metals to excellence in craftsmanship to retain exclusivity in every aspect.

Currently in its seventh generation, Ganjam has been built upon two centuries of trust and commitment to give the customers the finest jewels with each piece signifying a work of art. Over the last 125 years, the brand has earned its reputation as an Indian luxury jewellery brand, with a highly acclaimed international appeal.

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