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When we think of lord shiva many things come to our mind like tandava ( a dance form) ,his anger , etc the same way aghoris also come to play here.

Ahgoris are the people who are aescetic shaiva saadhus . They are the people who truly believe and follow the pathway of lord shiva . They smear cremation ashes on their bodies , and use bones from human corpses for crafting kalpas and jewellery . They are also known for there unusual practises like black magic and they gain it from different practices like eating the dead , meditating in shamshan etc . Few aghoris will be fake just to cheat people ,but few are really true who have powers . They belive that lord shiva is responsible for the things that is happening around them .The cloth themselves with shroud of a corpse clothes left by the family of the dead person , they also tell that those ashes are the ones who protect them from many disease and also ashes give power to speak to dead people .They also claim that they have cure for some of the diseases which are made up of human oil from the dead body for diseases like AIDS and cancer .

They also have 5 M protocol of the God which are
Madya – wine
Mamsa – meat
Matsya – fish
Mudra – parched gain
Maithuna – sexual intercourse

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