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GOQii announces 2nd year fellows have brought notable change in the social and public environment : one of the leading Smart Preventive Healthcare Company in India is delighted to announce its Fellowship program to individuals who are striving to translate their personal capabilities into action for the betterment of Health and Lifestyle status in India. GOQii fellowship upholds the brand’s ethos of supporting bold new ideas and seamlessly integrating the social and public environment into one eco-system. Through the program, GOQii aims to offer an exciting opportunity to all fellows who believe in doing unique and enhancing the quality of every individual’s life in the country.   

This year GOQii has identified 5 fellows from varied fields.

·         Simar Singh is a 17-year-old poet is also the founder and curator of UnErase Poetry, a community to promote young poets like him and help them grow.
·         Srishti Bakshi is a UN Women Champion for Change who is currently undertaking a 3800 km walk mission from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in support of women’s empowerment.
·         Deepak Ramola is lyricist who has written for Bollywood films such as Wazir and Manjhi . He is also an actor, screenplay writer, script analyst and a spoken word poet.
·         Amrit Vatsa is known for his web comic ‘Shitoons. He is also a photographer and filmmaker. He because he feels there are amazing people doing amazing things and their stories must be told.
·         Vanika Choudhary quit her corporate job to start Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar, an organic farm to fork bistro that originated with the idea of pioneering a plant-based food revolution. Sequel

The Fellowship program will provide mentorship to the fellows and their cause. The transformative power of this fellowship experience will not only nurture their talent but also provide them a much larger platform to network with Industry experts and influencers. It is designed to result in engagement with more people in a realistic manner and act as a catalyst for change at various industry events and GOQii platforms.

Speaking of the program, Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder, GOQii said “We congratulate and welcome GOQii fellows to make further disruption in the health and fitness segment in our country. The fellowship program will introduce this young talent to make a positive difference in their chosen fields and inspire other individuals as well.” He further added, “I believe our fellows will be strong leaders for the future as they will be trained with appropriate tools that help them bring a change in our social and public environment. This is truly in keeping with GOQii’s theme of ‘be the force’. Our fellow will truly force the inspiration and good in the society.”

Leading experts from various fields will be mentoring the fellows to achieve their goals. To qualify for the program, the fellows have to fulfill certain criteria in the application form. In addition, it will also depend on the hard work of the individual and the leadership qualities demonstrated through the work in their respective fields. Based on further shortlisting by GOQii’s internal panel of experts, every year about five to ten fellows will be chosen for the program. Through the program, GOQii will build a network of alumnae who will be able to further nurture talent for the program.  

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