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Reuben is a 22-year old rider with mad skills and a penchant for speeding. He represents a small-group of people in India who take up riding as their passion.

1) What inspired you to take up riding?
A: I started to develop an interest in riding when I was in kindergarten. I’ve been watching people ride around and it invigorated my interest even more. Once I was old enough, I knew what I had to do.

2) Can you give a brief introduction about your family background?
A:My roots are from a Kodagu-based Christian family. My dad is an employee at Samy labs and my mom is a home-maker. I have two sisters so I know I have a lot of responsibilities resting upon my shoulders.

3) What was your parents’ take on the matter?
A: Initially, my parents did not approve of my new-found interest and openly displayed their disagreement to me. After a while, I guess they got used to it and probably started trusting my skill in riding so yeah, I guess I have their support.

4) In India, Cricket takes the center-stage when it comes to sportive events. What is your take on this?
A: It’s a huge factor when considering your parents’ opinions and I really want everyone to know my talents but I guess in a scenario like this, that is unlikely to happen and it’s a bit disappointing.

5) What is your most memorable experience as a rider?
A:I took part in the national level “Kari-motor speedway” and “Gixer race cup”.

6) What about your worst experience?
A: I had an RX-135 and during one of my wheelie attempts, I fell face-first on the ground and had to be sewn ten-stitches over the left side of my face all the way down to my chin to pacify the situation.

7) What is your greatest strength?
A: I’d say it’s my ‘never-give-up’ attitude.

8) Weakness?
A: My depression and the fact that I trust people too easily.

9) Do you follow any specific diet?
A: I do not follow any specific dietary routine but I usually prefer food with more calcium content in it.

10) Do you belong to any riding-group?
A: I belong to a group called ‘Cops-Bangalore’ and it is one of the biggest riding-groups in India.

11) What are your plans for the future?
A: In my teen years, I wanted to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. However, that was not an option for me as I was weak in math. So I decided to study BBM instead. I mostly specialize in customized-gifting and want to initiate a motorbike oriented gifting as I think it will be novel and creative.

By: Stephan Prajwal

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