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Today’s media constantly goads us to be flawless and perfect. Most of us want to be as beautiful as the models or celebrities pictured in fashion magazines. Young boys and girls believe in the idea that being is much more attractive than being healthy. It is perfectly alright to make an effort to look good, but it is completely unacceptable In yourselves based on the ideal body image that is portrayed in magazines, advertisements and movies.

People have also become superficial these days. A person is judged based on what he posts in any of the social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. It’s an appearance-based world and every picture that youngsters upload goes through a range filters and alterations to make it more appealing to their peers. They use images on Social Media as personal benchmarkers and try to achieve an impossible standard by indulging in extreme diets, exercises and even surgery. And they do not take into account that the fantastic pictures that they view are airbrushed, morphed and digitally altered. This leads to negativity, eating-disorders, low self-esteem. 

Youngsters have to realize that getting likes or comments on social-media is just a false sense of security and happiness. We have to aim for the beauty, not in our looks but in our souls. We need to look beyond a pretty face and concentrate on having a noble mind and a gentle heart. Acceptance is the key for true beauty shines the moment you decide to be yourself and know that you are unique.

By: Blessan Babu

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