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CMC Introduces New Variants In Its Stone & Luce Collection

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced six new luminous products in its latest collection of translucent stones – Stone & Luce. Launched under the company’s popular brand KalingaStone engineered marble, the Stone & Luce is a mosaic inspired collection with backlit surfaces. The contemporary variants of mosaics feature small pearly white pieces embedded in colourful backgrounds. Branded as Eden, Crystal, Gemma, Oro, Preziosa and Alba the products are available in baby blue, light grey, blush red, silver pink, gold yellow, pale yellow and black colours. Timeless elegance of the mosaic patterned marble slabs make the stone appear all the more gorgeous in the evenings when its backlit. The stones create a serene environment in the day while making for a warm and welcoming ambience in the evenings.

Redefined for modern architecture, Stone & Luce is a unique collection that combines the exquisiteness of mosaics and the elegance of marble. With translucence as its main characteristic, the marble allows light to pass through the small pieces of stones or chips embedded in the surface.

Besides being visually gratifying, the new products are less porous and harder than natural marble making it an ideal choice for various interior and decor applications like flooring, walls, table tops, etc. in commercial as well as residential areas.

304 X 125 cm
Thickness: 18 mm and 20mm

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