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How to Safeguard Against Milk Adulteration

milk adulteration

Owing to its high nutrient profile and associated health benefits, milk has become a staple in most households. The increased demand for milk has, however, given rise to the problem of adulteration. It has been found that milk adulteration is rampant in developing countries due to lack of effective monitoring and relevant penal laws. Milk adulteration is often done to increase profits or reduce the cost of production. Sometimes, it may also occur due to substandard processes being used during milk production. Whatever the reason for the milk adulteration, the consumer is the one who has to suffer in the end.

Water is the most common adulterant
Studies have revealed that water is the most common adulterant used to increase the quantity of milk. This increases the profit margin for the milk supplier. The consumer suffers because they get lesser nutrients from milk that is adulterated with water. The situation can turn worse if the water used to adulterate milk is contaminated. In such cases, consumers may get infected and develop serious health problems. Since a milk adulterer is already committing a crime, it is difficult to tell whether they are using potable water or contaminated water to adulterate the milk.

Other toxic milk adulterants
Consumers face a greater risk when milk is adulterated using soap, urea, caustic soda, formalin, hydrogen peroxide and other toxic chemicals. These toxic adulterants are added to make the adulterated milk appear thick and creamy. The aim is to make the adulterated milk look the same as the real thing. When consumers ingest such toxic chemicals, it can create serious health issues. Imagine children drinking such highly toxic milk, and you can get an idea about how scary the problem of milk adulteration has become. It appears that some milk suppliers care only about money and they have no regards for consumers' health and safety.

How to safeguard against milk adulteration
One option is to stop drinking milk entirely, but that would also mean the loss of essential nutrients found in milk. The best way to safeguard against milk adulteration is to buy milk from reputed brands. Credible milk producers have a dedicated system of scientific processes and quality checks that ensure purity and freshness of milk. Samples are taken at every stage of the collection and distribution process, which ensures that the milk remains free from all types of adulterants. When you buy milk from a reputed dairy producer, you can be rest assured that its 100% fresh, pure and free from adulterants.

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