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Musica Medicina to perform live at Identity Art Marathon

Musica Medicina, a group of artists known for the sound healing and the tribal meditative music will be performing live during the Identity Art Marathon. The concert would be a Tribal meditative experience bringing together folk traditions from around the world and presenting them in a contemporary form. The music is created in and for the moment with organic, raw and harmonious sounds.
Stringed instruments such as Yayli Tambour, Setars, Rebab and Erhu create the background of their voices inspired by tribal and intuitive cultures; Mongolian throat songs, diaphonic songs, Inuit songs, Amazonian lullabies, Sufi trances and traditional Indian songs.
About the Artists
Vishesh Kalimero has been travelling around the globe for the last 7 years in India, Nepal, Middle East, Europe and Latin America sharing healing sounds. He plays the long turkish bowed lute, Yayli tambur, Persian setar, the oldest Indian string instrument, Rudra Veena, the Afghani Rabab and does throat singing of different styles.
Rahul Jigyasu has studied tabla as his principal instrument. Currently living in Indonesia, exploring, creating and building instruments. He has the heart of a contemporary musician with roots based in ancient spiritual traditions. He plays the Tabla, Udu, Kaccapi from Indonesia and Didgeridoo and sings Indian classical.

Event: Musica Medicina to perform live at Identity Art Marathon
Date and Day:   25th May 2018
Time: 7: 00 Pm – 8:00 Pm
Fee: Entry Free
Venue: Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, 4/6, Sri Fort Institutional Area, Opp Gate No:  2, Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi -110049

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