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Remedies to cure cough and cold at home in summers

In the summers months, when winter woes and its associated common illnesses just seem far away, viruses still find their way into our respiratory tract – leaving us coughing, sneezing and down with cold and flu. Summer cold might sound a bit weird, but it is true and common.
A cold in summers could become a bane – no ice creams, no cold drinks and no vacations to colder regions. Although these ailments are common to the winter months they are a cause of nuisance during the summers also. Where colds can make one feel miserable with unpleasant symptoms and lack of energy, coughs can cause sore throats, interrupting sleep and regular activities.

Understanding summer cold and its remedies
Unlike in winters where cough and cold is caused by rhinovirus, in summers it is the enteroviruses that are responsible. It is a contagious virus that spreads through infected persons or consuming infected water. The symptoms are categorized by:
-          Runny nose.
-          Sneezing.
-          Sore throat and throat irritation.
-          Cough and congestion.
-          Headaches and body aches.
-          Mild fevers.

These symptoms can further lead to high fever and rashes in severe conditions. This viral infection spreads mostly within the upper respiratory system and takes almost 10 days to get fully recovered. The best ways to prevent yourself is to wash hands regularly, avoid touching the nose and stay away from infectious people. However, it is also possible to naturally fight off the nasty summer cold with foods such as:
       Ginger: because of its antiviral properties helps fight off viral flues and colds. Drinking ginger in tea helps remove phlegm from the respiratory tract.

-          Garlic: has been used since ages for its antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Garlic contains allicin, a sulphur compound that is responsible for its medicinal benefits and what gives garlic its powerful disease fighting antioxidants.

-          Oranges: enriched with vitamin C, the immune boosting vitamin, oranges are great to keep you off colds and flues during summers.

-          Blueberries: rich in anti-oxidants are a naturally powered fruit to ward of common cold and flu during summers. These little blue fruits are packed with a compound called quercetin, which are known to help the body prevent from the invasion of germs.

-          Mushrooms: traditionally the Chinese has used these as medicines to fight against various infections. Eating mushrooms produces cytokines in the body, which fight off infection. They also contain polysaccharides which supports a healthy immune system and also contain antibacterial and antiviral compounds.

-          Pumpkin Seeds: pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, one thing that summer colds cannot face. These seeds also contains antimicrobial compounds that kills these viruses that cause summer cold and cough.

-          Red Bell Peppers: are filled with nutrients, disease fighting antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that helps building a strong immune system. Their vitamin C content makes them a immune booster and fights of summer cold and cough.

There’s no surety to completely prevent yourself from getting a cold, whether in summer or in winter but including these foods in your daily diet can surely reduce your chance of getting one along with some lifestyle changes like getting good sleep, washing hands regularly and especially before meals and avoiding crowded places and people who are infected. 

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