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Feasting in these gullies of India is surely amp up your Ramadan experience!

Ramadan is the month of love, harmony, and religious fervour. But one thing that makes it truly special and memorable is the way families gathers and celebrates it. Be it the suhoor or the iftar, it is like a month-long festival of togetherness, spirituality, and also good food. As known to all, India is a potpourri of rich cultural mix and religious sentiments; and with Ramadan, one is certainly bound to be spoilt with multiple choices of lip-smacking Ramadan special delicacies across the length and breadth of the country.

Meandering through some of the below iconic places, distributed across various regions in India, you are sure to be experiencing a fusion of flavours on your taste buds, satiating your Ramadan iftarcravings like never before.

1.       KhauGali, Mumbai
Think of Ramadan, and this should be right at the top of your list for your iftar indulgence. Also known as a food lover’s paradise, it offers one of the best melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, succulent meat, mawajalebi, colorful variety of tikkas, and countless other delicacies.

1.       ChandniChowk, Delhi
This place is a flavour junction throughout the year, but with Ramadan, the frenzy multiples tenfold. Come here for a sheer delightful gastronomical Ramadan experience with authentic nallinihaari, gurkasharbat, keema samosa, paneerjalebiand buff biryani.

1.       Akbari Gate, Lucknow

With an old world charma, the entire city of Lucknow is laced with beautiful Mughal architecture, and has carved a niche for itself when it comes to certain kebabs. Some of the iconic dishes that you must have at the famous Akbari Road are – TundayKebabi, galouti kebab, crispy-flaky paranthas, and Biryani with mutton korma.

1.       Charminar, Hyderabad
Apart from being a foodie’s pilgrim, Charminar also doubles up as a fairly good option for street shopping during Ramadan and stays open till late night. Come here to taste the finest and most heavenly haleem of all times! Some other mot-to-be-missed dishes includesheer-qorma,and dahi-wada.

1.       Hazratbal, Srinagar
Though this place has not been so famous as the rest, but only those who have eaten here would know what others are missing.  This area is famous for its gigantic deep fried paranthas, sherbats, savouries and desserts.

All these places are mostly hustling with traffic and are pretty packed. And with mercury level rising with every passing day, be wise in choosing the right vehicle to swiftly move across these gullies of extravaganza. Ford Figo might just be your go-to option for such drives.

With so many irresistible options to choose from, I know it must be difficult to just experience one! So, mark all these in your bucket list (the one’s where you have not been yet), and make the most of Ramadan. Happy feasting!

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