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Gargi Kidz - India's Fastest growing play school

Gargi Kidz believes in that early education is a very crucial part of a child’s development as in initial five years, kids undergo the brain development process at the fastest pace. So this is the time which needs the utmost attention, if kids are monitored and coached well in these initial years, kids can really enhance their personality and creativity. One of the best play schools in India focusing on holistic learning of the kids in their early education.

Mr. Vinet Garg,Director of Gargi Kidz Play School says,"Children are the most precious gift of God. At the age of 2 to 6 years, they are in the most formative phase of their lives. The environment and upbringing of today will have an everlasting imprint on their personality and outlook towards life.We are proud to work for early childcare and education industry, and also planning for franchises in PAN India ".

Gargi Kidz promotes and nurtures a pedagogical methodology, for imparting education to young minds, which involves liberalized learning environment in playful conditions; effectively inculcating a sense of curiosity which cultivates ingenuity among children. It empowers every child to achieve her niche. Humankind – Homo Sapiens, has evolved to be better from its ancestors only because it has greater learning skills or endowed with cogent learning skills from nature which enabled it to stand apart from rest of the species on the earth. We, at Gargi Kidz, believe in the same proposition and vie for achieving and maintaining the same set of standards, execution of which will make our children capable learners, unlike usual schooling conditions, which leave students being ‘passive learners.’

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