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How does a warm cup of pure milk enhance sleep? (Best full cream milk manufacturer) : For many centuries now the seniors of the household have a simple solution for all sleep disorders. Their panacea is to have a warm cup of pure milk just before hitting the bed. But, does milk truly assist in having a sound sleep or is it just another legend that has passed on from one generation to the next? We seek to find answers through this blog.

The first impact a glass of pure milk has on the human body is completely psychological. Most Indian kids have grown up with the notion that a glass of milk often signals the end of their day and beginning of the sleeping hours. As a kid grows into an adult individual this practice somehow sticks in their brain. They might now have left the practice of consuming milk before bedtime, but they still believe from within that this glass of milk will help them sleep. So, when they gulp down the milk the brain sends the right signals, thus resulting in sound sleep.

So, we have analyzed the psychological impact of pure milk before bedtime, now it is the turn for more scientific reasons. Tryptophan is an amino acid that sends signals to the brain. Now, this compound is not readily available in the body, so it has to be produced and the best way of producing it would be to ingest food. Dairy products, mainly pure milk, have a high quantity of serotonin (or the happy hormone). And serotonin is easily converted to melatonin. This helps the human body relax and to sleep. How? Well, melatonin boosts the production of Tryptophan helping it penetrate into the brain and send the shutdown signals across. With the brain in a resting state, sleep would be the automatic outcome.

Now, coming to the question of warm milk. Medical research has proven that the temperature of milk has nothing to do with sleep. It is the quality of milk that matters. So, why do we have warm milk? Well, boiled milk is supposed to be bereft of most impurities and thus it is easy to digest. That makes it perfect before the bedtime. In terms of the type of milk, the doctors opine that the milk you consume before bedtime should be high in fat quantity. This boosts the production of Tryptophan and thus induces sleep quicker.

So, now that you know every details about the sleeping benefits of pure milk, it is important to use this ancient cure for sleeping disorders. 

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