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Best Men's Hairstyles This Year

You don’t have a perfect time for embracing an all new look. Yes, it’s your own choice when you have to change your hairstyle and make yourself look different. Usually you make the choice when you get bored of your current look. So, what options do you have this year? Well, last year we had bolder styles and haircuts and we’d be getting something even better this time around. If you visit Mens Hairstyles List, you will see everything from undercuts and short fades to quiffs and medium length combover hairstyles. So, let’s just not waste time and dive right into finding out the best men’s hairstyles that you should look to adopt this year.

1.       Textured Bangs
The hairstyles with bangs have always been a personal favorite for many over the years and now it’s getting back in style. You can give it an all new touch by styling it with long crop and a full fringe falling on the forehead. The look can be completed with a fade hairstyle on the sides and back.

2.       Textured Slicked Back Hairstyle
If you are after a clean and stylish look then a slicked back hairstyle is just tailor made for you. And if you think it’s quite an old look, you must not worry at all because these hairstyles have really evolved over the years and it’s nothing like what it used to be before. Today, we have longer and higher hairstyles with more texture than ever before. Wear it with a beard and you can’t ask for anything better.

3.       Short Pompadour
It is not necessary for pompadour hairstyles to be too long at the front. Rather, only 2 inches of length would be enough to style a perfect short pompadour. All you have to do is to work the tips up and backwards to achieve a classy pomp silhouette.

4.       Swept Back Hairstyle
Yes, swept back hairstyles can be anything as you like. In fact, you can give it a pomp touch as well. A matte and loose version of swept back hair that still maintains a pomp height would be a gorgeous look to achieve this year. It will be new and it will be different.

5.       Pomp Hawk
You must have heard of faux hawk and Mohawk hairstyles but have you ever tried a pomp hawk? Probably not! Well, it’s cut in very much the same style while the hair at the front and the top have more length and height than normal and it gets a pomp style right there. To put it simply, it’s a cool look that starts with Pompadour hairstyle at the front and ends with a typical Mohawk look at the back. It really is a perfect combination.

6.       Slicked Back Hairstyle With Taper Fade And Surgical Design
Slicked back hairstyles always look creative and you can style it in whatever way you like. Here we have something that features a few elements of style to make it a perfect choice. The taper fade on the sides looks cool and when you add to it a simplistic surgical design, it gets even better. And, yes, who can forget a beard to add to the mix.

7.       Textured Quiff With Mid Fade
Quiff hairstyles can be regarded as a close cousin to Pompadours and it always looks cool on men of all ages. Keep it a bit textured and combine it with a perfect mid fade and you have a wonderful hairstyle to flaunt.

8.       Textured Wavy Hairstyle With High Fade
For naturally curly and wavy hair types, a perfect option would be to go with a textured hairstyle. You can keep the textures to medium length so that it can all blend perfectly into the high fade. This beautiful look is not too common but it really gives a perfect vibe. 

9.       Crew Cut
If you have a never ending love for short hairstyles then crew cut must always be on top of your list. It’s a wonderful classic hairstyle that certainly is there to stay. Keep the sides faded and the top hair a bit longer to achieve an Ivy League version of the hairstyle.

   10.   Buzz Cut
Now, if you want to keep it even shorter than the crew cut described above, the only obvious choice you have is to go with a buzz cut. The hairstyle is quite fashionable and gives you a really fresh feel. Wear it with a nice clothing and keep your attitude a bit edgy and you have a perfect combo for any day.

So, rock this year with one of these wonderful hairstyles for men and you will literally have everyone following you for your style. Just make the right pick and ensure that you go to the right stylist to have it done. It’ll surely be a rocking experience.


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