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Top Hairstyles for Little Boys This Year

It is common for boys to love making their own fashion statement by opting for their own clothing, color combinations and hairstyles. And when it comes to the last part, there are plenty of cool hairstyle options available for little boys that have been in trend for years. And, believe it or not, these trends keep coming back only with a few new elements of style to give your little one a fresh and cool look. All you have to ensure is to follow the latest trends in little boys haircuts and make your kid look as stylish as ever.

So, if you are interested in choosing something trendy for your little guy, here we have listed some of the best boys haircuts that your young man would love to adore. Just take a look and see which one you’d like to go with.

1.       Choppy Kiddie Hairstyle
It’s a perfect choice for oval, round and square shape cuts and works perfectly for kids who have medium-to-long hair. To achieve the look you have to apply some light texturizing lotion first and brush through your top hair forward and then go to sides. The sides are kept slightly shorter to achieve a perfect style.

2.       Kids Hairstyles With Undercut
Undercut has been everywhere this year and it has really made a mark on kids fashion. It requires the hair to be trimmed really short on the sides and the back while keeping the top longer. The top hair can then be styled in whatever way you like be it a side swept look or a combover hairstyle.

3.       Johnny Bravo Hairstyle
This is a perfect hairstyle option for square, oval and round face shapes and works wonders on set in medium-to-thick hair. The look can be achieved by applying some pomade or texturizing lotion to the hair and then using a brush or your fingers to sweep it all forward and upwards. The fringe can also be worked through to give it some height while a finished look can be achieved with the help of some hairspray.

4.       Curly And Whimsy Boys Haircut
Just as the name suggests, this classic hairstyle works perfectly for boys with natural curls. Your best option would be to cut your hair only few inches from base to make it all look gorgeous. This hairstyle works fine with all face shapes and looks even better if you can improve the natural curls with the help of some styling product and running your fingers through.

5.       Short Pompadour Hairstyle
This is a classic hairstyle that features a short and pointed haircut that’s brushed back for completing the Elvis look. The hairstyle can be achieved with the help of some good texturizing lotion and brushing the hair backwards with fingers of a comb. In the end, the sides can be brushed for smoothening it all up and a final look is achieved with the help of a hairspray.

So, these are the top hairstyles for little boys that are trending this year and may even continue to impress in years to come as well. All you have to do now is to pick a few for your little one and see how things work out for him. We’re sure he will look gorgeous in a new look with one of these beautiful hairstyles for little boys.

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