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Why heavy breakfast always recommend by dietitians ?

We all have heard of the saying – Eat like a king for Breakfast, Queen for Lunch and Popper for Dinner. Unfortunately for whatever reasons many of us just do the opposite, dinner makes the most of our meal and breakfast is the one to be skipped.

Dieticians all around the globe have always been heard saying that – we are what we eat, and therefore, food play’s an important part in our life, especially the quality of life that we live. Give breakfast more time than just a passing thought. It is the only way we can refuel our body and systems after a long night fast. Skipping it can take serious toll on our energy levels and our overall health. Breakfast sets up a stage for you for the rest of the day to make healthy food choices.
Knowing all of the above, it is hard to deny breakfast and is an essential meal that should never be skipped. Here are some important reasons to recommended a good breakfast by dietitians. 
  1. Encourages weight loss and curbs food cravings
Bigger is better when it is breakfast. A good and wholesome one resists your hunger and keeps you full till the next meal.
  1. Doing this on a regular basis ends up consuming fewer calories, which in turn turns into weight loss. It all happens because you are full and you do not get food cravings and tempted to high caloric foods to satisfy your hunger till lunch time.
  2. It boosts your metabolism
When we get up in the morning, we probably go for almost 8 to 10 hours without food. It is this time that the body’s metabolism completely slows down.
By- Dt. Sheela Shehrawat

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