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Dr Aruna Kalra organized Boot Camp for Daddies

        Multiple sessions were held for fathers to help them to effectively take care of both baby and mother
        Special sessions were conducted to help parent-to-be to handle the economic realities and other issues

Gurugram, August 09, 2018: In order to help fathers to welcome their new born babies, Dr Aruna Kalra, Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician organized a special session called “New Daddy’s Boot Camp” in Gurugam. Boot camp is one of its kind initiative that aims to prepare Dad-to-be and new Dads to cope up with the “Little one” responsibility with ease.
The event was held at Ramada Hotel, which was attended by 40 parent to be.
During the special session, Dr Aruna Kalra, Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Mum’s Clinicexplained the role of father to a new born and also shared the valuable inputs on How to swaddle the baby, change the nappy, burp the baby and calming down the crying baby.
While explaining the role of father, Dr Aruna Kalra said, “Any new born should be an equal responsibility of a mother and father. However, Its is important for any father to care both mother and a newly born as both requires attention for initial few days.”
This unique camp also had a special ‘Finance Planning Session’ by Mr. Gursimran Singh (Financial Advisor who highlighted the need for finance planning before and after the baby. He further added that it is important to understand the newly added unforeseen expenses and emphasizes on efficient management of finances to enjoy a stress free parenthood.
Another session was held by Ms Navita Mahajan, an Interior Designer, shed the light on the child safety and need to baby proof your house. She said, “Having baby around is always a trouble and you need to prepare your home accordingly. One should have non-toxic finishes like wall paints and polishes. House furniture and room designing should be customized as per child safety.”
The session was concluded with the first hand experience by the new fathers where they shared the experiences of fatherhood and journey so far. While attending the session, Mr Ashish Gupta, Manager in Aviation industry and a new daddy said, “This is a great platform for us to learn the details from handling the baby to managing the expenses. As a father, I need to learn many things so that I can help my better half in managing the little baby. Handling baby is a task and both of us need to be equally responsible and efficient.”

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