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Recruiting Innovation launches training platform and credentialing for tech recruiting industry professionals.

Recruiting Innovation has launched their e-learning platform that trains recruiters on the industries and roles they recruit for. The solution helps recruiting industry professionals understand software development and the roles along that process, engage in diversity & inclusion strategies, and more quickly and effectively recruit in-demand technical talent. The company’s flagship product is the Tech Recruiter Certification program.
By completing the online courses and final thesis, recruiters will experience:
·       Curriculum designed by recruiters, taught by tech leads
·       Course materials that become a tech recruiter handbook
·       Direct access to ask instructor questions
·       Courses include: Frontend, Backend & DevOps Engineering, 
Diversity & Inclusion, and Tech Recruiting Tactics
·       Courses are all online, on-demand and accessible via any device
·       Course assessments throughout the program test comprehension
·       Relevant examples that paint the picture of tech recruiting today
·       Valuable UX tools that re-introduce the human aspect into recruiting
"Our one-of-a-kind platform provides recruiters with best practice e-learning courses, to interactively gain key knowledge to advance their careers,” said founder Alison Daley.  “Recruiters now have exclusive online resources to improve their tech skills and become a Certified Tech Recruiter.”

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