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Marketing Experts Bamboosh Exciting Move to Cardiff

Direct sales and marketing specialists Bamboosh is set to open up a new office in Cardiff in the coming weeks.

The opening is a result of months of hard work from the firm's contractors and managing director, Luke Walker has released a statement on the transition.

The exciting transition comes after months of hard work from the firm and is a result of a desire to expand into new horizons. The move to Wales is an opportunity to investigate new demographics and expand the skill sets of their contractors' states Bamboosh. The new office will see the firm expand their client base and get to explore the Welsh market in further detail. Business Owner, Luke Walker has detailed his excitement of the move.
Bamboosh: About the firm

“This is a great opportunity for Bamboosh, and we’re elated to be able to delve into new markets and get to know a whole new demographic. This is an opportunity for our contractors to really test their skills and I can’t wait to see what is next for Bamboosh,” declares Luke Walker, Managing Director of Bamboosh. 

In preparation for the transition, Bamboosh has launched an investigation into the Welsh economy with information released by the Bank of Wales and the Welsh Government. The startup and employment landscape in Wales is one of the strongest within the UK, with those aged 16-64 reaching almost 1.37 million, which is up a staggering 19,200 on 2017. The economic activity rate is at 76% in stark contrast to the unemployment rate at an impressively low 4.8%.

Of SMEs within the city, 32% have declared a strong ambition to grow their business in the coming years. The city boasts a number of avenues designed to fund such enterprises, with £446million available to invest in local Welsh companies.

“Cardiff is a city that has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, and I can’t wait to see the opportunities it will present to us as a business. The Welsh economy is one that has shown great promise, and I’m excited for the coming months and a new challenge,” continued the business owner.

Bamboosh is the soon to be Cardiff-based direct sales and marketing business, and they provide strategic business solutions for a range of clients. Their services are tailored to fit the needs and marketing goals of their clients. Bamboosh develops and implements strategic business plans so they can generate maximum benefits for their clients.

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