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We cannot call ourselves truly Independent

if the youth of the country is addicted to drugs: S P Chauhan
S P Chauhan
As India celebrates the 72nd Independence Day, filmmaker S P Chauhan reflects on what the Independence should mean for the youth of today. For all Indians Independence Day is a day to remember the people who fought the Britishers and gave up their lives to free the country from a foreign rule. 

While it is a proud day to remember all that the great leaders of the country have to do to make to get our country free but it is also a time to reflect on where we as a society stand. “We have made a lot of economic commerce in the last few years and going in the progressive direction, but we still need to pay attention to where we as a society are heading”. Talking from a personal experience, Chauhan spoke at length about how we as a society should come together and fight against drugs. He mentioned how there are unique steps being taken by various state governments to stop the spread of this menace. 

“There is much being done in this space but I still feel that if we as a society do not come together and fight this common menace, then it might be a little too late for us,” Chauhan added.

These are some serious thoughts to ponder as we soak in the pride and celebrate the Independence that we have got after fighting so hard.

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