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Say hello to SocialMob, an AI driven music networking platform

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Artificial Intelligence has the ability to disrupt any industry that it enters, with its sea of possibilities and technology. Apart from e-commerce, education, and health, there have been a lot of other industries who have benefitted with the innovation and application of Artificial Intelligence. Once such sector that is gradually joining the bandwagon is – Entertainment.
SocialMob is India’s first music, content and networking community. The platform aims at connecting like-minded individuals at a global level who share same social interests like music, entertainment, food and travel. The app provides services like free music archive, off beat magazine, networking and instant messaging.

business boyWe did an interview with the company’s spokesperson – Mr. Aghin Johnson, CEO, SocialMob (a product of Padath Infotainment Pvt Ltd). Excerpts of the interview below:
  1. Give us some insight into the sector that you operate in, and what prompted you to start a commercial venture in this domain.
Socialmob is a global community based on Music. Here Music is the guiding force helping to connect with Like minded Individuals. The core structure is build on the same science that studies the effects of music and human psychology.

What prompted was the lack of a true social networking options where it helps to connect with people with similar interest thereby expanding the social circle rather than connecting with the people whose number is saved on the phone or the immediate social circle.
  1. When did you launch your product/services, and what challenges did you face initially while going about it?
The project was launched in November 2017 for beta testing. It took 5 years for the team to reach where we are today. The main challenges faced was building the team. Getting the right people with right attitude is something too much to ask for these days. When the first prototype was a complete failure due to multiple factors, regaining the confidence to build the core team was really one of the biggest challenge faced.
  1. Was there ever a time when you felt overwhelmed and unable to continue? What made you continue? What kept you motivated at your worst moments?
There were plenty of times I felt helpless. In most cases it was situations which my team and I had no control over. Its like the Rocky movie dialogue “ its not about how hard you can hit , but get hit and still stand up “ well that was even our motto.  Recurring roadblocks which are beyond my control at times let me down for a moment, I admit. But never stopped me.

What kept me motivated was more to do with what I want to achieve eventually. I have a very strong and motivated team who shares my vision,which fuels me to keep me going as I know even if slow, we would achieve our goal one day.
  1. Are there specific influences who have inspired you in your entrepreneurial journey? If yes, is there any advice from such mentors/influencers that you would like to share with our readers?
My biggest influencer is my Father.Seeing me leaving a well paying job and starting something which is just a concept or an idea  was really tough for my dad.But he had the patience and always gave me his honest opinion which helped me in taking decisions even at tough times. Even when my friends ridiculed the idea it was the family and few close friends who gave me the strength to go the distance.
  1. What are the Top 3 Business Takeaways that you have learnt in your journey so far, which you did not know when you first started?
Honestly, it's been a learning so far and lot more on my way ahead for sure. But few things I have learned would be to trust your intuitions, it's often the first truth and you feel that for a reason. When you know you have a good team, appreciate them and treat them with respect and trust and they would do the same for you. Lastly, there are no enemies in a business, just people with different views and be open to accept.  

In the coming months, the company is also looking at expanding its outreach in multiple locations around the world. Along with its physical presence, the company aims to increase its user base to 10 Million in the next 2 years.

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