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We all know that that the best pizza is found in Italy, the best wiener in Germany, and the best fragrance is always in France. We also know that the highest level of pop and R&B music production is found in the United States.Such notion, however, is not necessarily true, rather it is a preconceived cliché, or maybe not necessarily true anymore. While the show business of the US continues to bask in its glory, other European countries continued to craft and develop its own way, creating new genres, new approaches and new know-how’s, so much so that at present, the level of music production and pop musicianship in Europe is very-very high. Unfortunately, and until today, the European side of music production has not yet been explored by nor presented to the American listener quite as much.Luckily and proudly we can tell, that at last the very best of the Eastern European showbiz has come to America.

Mr. Alexander “Lev” Konovalov, a renowned multi-platinum music producer, musician, hailing all the way from the Russian Federation has announced the opening of a brand-new state-of-the-art recording studio in Los Angeles, California. With more than two decades of knowledge, more than a million of records sold, Mr. Konovalov is a recognized phenomenon and an ultimate go-to, when it comes to professional music production.The crème de la crème of the Russian show business has been indefatigably coming back to Mr. Konovalov’s lab for the production of their new hit songs, which includes composition, recording, arranging, mixing, mastering and so much more. A one stop shop of Mr. Konovalov has earned him a reputation of one of the luminaries of the Russian music business. 

“I have come to realize that with my name being well known in my home country and my business well established, I could really use my skills to expand the horizons not only of my own career, but, in fact, if by using a little bit of my fame to give something good to the American public, by sharing the art of music production with local public, I can truly contribute to the society as well as introduce innovative techniques, which could lead to bringing our countries closer through the art of music.I strongly believe that by offering new ways of music production could lead to creating of new fusion of Euro-American sound, which, in time, could revolutionize our perception of popular music and present future opportunities for growth and collaboration”, says Alexander.

As such, in no time shall we be lucky enough to be passing our music into the mighty hands of Mr. Alexander Konovalov, who could easily turn your “singer-songwriter” creations into worldwide hits, much like he has done multiple times with his artists in Europe.No matter how big or how small your musical project, be it a love song or a commercial jingle, a film score or a new EP, the studio of Alexander has your covered. So stay tuned and enjoy the musical ride with the guidance and expertise of Alexander “Lev” Konovalov. 

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... must inevitably come to pass!” said Paul J. Meyer.“It is especially true in music!” say I.”
Alexander “Lev” Konovalov.

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