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Ayushman Bharat Health To All

Philanthropist and social Entrepreneur Priya Jain, who is known for kick starting several Socio health initiatives recently joined hands with another cause dedicated to health for all. Priya jain kicked off an awareness campaign that is meting out benefits of Ayushman Bharat and various other health schemes to needy and poor people from across the country. Campaign aims at creating awareness about different health welfare schemes and disseminating information pertaining with benefits for poor people. On asking about her inspiration behind this Priya stated, " While leaving for Jaipur one day a saw an extremely poor women with her infant , she was selling books on red light, her pale and feeble condition clearly reflected state of malnutrition, her infant also looked very weak, on asking about her family she told me that her other child passed away because they did not have money to buy medicines for him, their feeble state made me feel very shocked and depressed, although these kind of scenes are not new in the city but anyone not able to receive medical attention and treatment is sorry state of affairs for us. I also have facts that many poor people in need dont have right knowledge and information about various schemes and benefits that offer them medical help without any cost, awareness is the predicament for them. So i tried to plugin the loophole in a way of spreading word about various benefits of medical schemes. 

This initiative by Priya is being kicked off in urban and remote areas, tier 2 cities through various activities, speaking futher on the issue Priya stated, " In prevailing such unfortunate situations Prime Minister Mr. Narendar Modi has come as a savior. His recently launched Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission that has been launched from the land of Jharkhand covers more than 10 crore Poor and Vulnerable families. It is an insurance scheme which covers costing upto Rs 5 lakh per family per year for medical treatment. Certainly there would be many challenges while implementing this scheme. This is the time and call of the hour that every citizen, organisation especially Private Hospitals will have to be co-operative and helping poor and needy as per the true essence of the scheme, concluded Priya Jain.

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