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Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Entrepreneur Tarun Gill Launching IFL Studio to promote upcoming fitness talent

After a grand success of IFL - Indian Fitness League, the toughest the fittest, India’s first fitness TV reality show, Tarun Gill, Founder of IFL and India’s leading fitness entrepreneur has launched IFL Studio to promote India’s upcoming fitness talent and under prev

“India has such great fitness potential and there are so many fitness athletes and enthusiasts who are looking for a platform to showcase this potential. IFL the toughest the fittest gave them that platform where the shortlisted participants demonstrated their fitness skills on national television via reality show, which was recently aired on DSport. Now we will be using the digital platform to showcase their fitness story. “ said Tarun.

My social media reach is almost one million and I have interviewed over two hundred fitness athletes. Via IFL Studios, I will further leverage that reach, featuring all the upcoming athletes and fitness enthusiasts on my digital platforms including Youtube, Instagram and Facebook added Tarun.

Such features will help athletes get discovered by various brands so they could either get some endorsements or sponsorships. Companies struggle to find good athletes, who could represent their brand, but with IFL Studios, they would be able to not just identify their athletes but also reach out to them directly via their social media handles.

With IFL TV show, we identified local fitness talent from across India and gave them a national platform to prove their fitness mettle. Some of IFL participants lives changed and they are now making a decent living endorsing various brands. We plan to replicate the same but this time with my social and digital channels and support needy athletes concluded Tarun.

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