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Cornitos’, the flagship brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. hosted the grand Nachos challenge at Vega City Mall in Bangalore. The event saw the coming together of social media winners, food enthusiasts and home cooks to showcase their culinary skills and creativity using Cornitos Nacho Crisps. Grand Nachos Challenge is an initiative by Cornitos to popularize Mexican cuisine and promote healthy yet tasty snacking in society. Cornitos also launched its new product Party Mix and Innovative product Quinoa Nachos and shared the details of its product range with the audience.

The event started in the evening and there were around 32 participants in all, which included the participants from all age group in the challenge. The theme of Cornitos Nachos Challenge was cooking without fire and the participants had to prepare a recipe under 30 minutes. Each participant created a unique recipe using nachos and decorated it with the toppings provided at the venue. The recipes were judged on the basis of several parameters like taste, hygiene, creativity, preparation time and the judge for the challenge was Celebrity Chef Kapil Sahi from Hotel Sarovar Portico.

 Cornitos Nachos Challenge was organized in Vega City Mall. The recipes prepared by each contestant were quite innovative and were easy to prepare for the snack time. The recipes like  Snapchos, nachoger, hara bhara nacho platter, nachos foreplay, nacho basanti, nacho chtpata, spicy crunchy nachos, double cheese nachos,  and many more were prepared by the contestants. The winners of the Nachos Challenge were Mr Ravi, Mrs Aditi and Mr Sujoy Ghosh. Chef Kapil Sahi presented the gift hampers from Cornitos to the winners. 

The other contestants were presented a certificate of participation from Cornitos. The popular nachos brand has been organizing these kinds of events in other cities and has received tremendous response and love from its patrons. 
Cornitos team who made this event sucessful are Media Manager Aradhika Singh, Mr Abhishek Sharma, Mr. Jatinder Mehta, Mr Ankit, Anchor Superboy karan and Anchor Yashika

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