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MaestroSoft Announces Helicopter Fleet Upgrade for Non-Profit and Charity Auction Software Promotion

MaestroSoft, Inc., the leader is non-profit and charity event management and fundraising automation announced today the expansion of its Corporate Helicopter fleet from two to three. Always ahead of the innovation curve, MaestroSoft uses its fleet of these uniquely styled helicopters to promote its name recognition and corporate motto:“Make It Happen”.Currently, these helicopters are Making It Happen at regional radio controlled aircraft flying fields around the Northwest.

MaestroSoft Leads in Innovation

Always ahead of the innovation curve, with past “firsts” like full compatibility with Microsoft Office products, pre-swiped guest credit cards for no-line check out at gala’s, and text based silent auctions through guests personal cell phones, MaestroSoft now sees their helicopter fleet as yet another innovation.“We support all non-profits, regardless of size and always find a way to help them bring in revenue with minimal costs to do so,” states Jay Fiske, Maestro’s founder and CEO.“While some may think flying a radio controlled helicopter with the Maestro logo and motto is not very main stream, it does demonstrate one important point,” Fiske continued. “There simply is no situation or organization so unique where we can’t be an effective tool.”

MaestroSoft has software and services for any size organization.If your non-profit, club or foundation needs to raise a few thousand dollars or a few million dollars, MaestroSoft can help make the process easy and cost effective.Services such as Text2Fund are perfect for campaigns where any organization can receive donations through text messaging and have the money in the bank within a few days.Text2Bid offer silent auctions by cell phone and AuctionMaestro Pro and WebMaestro help organize full scale Gala’s.

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