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SPARSH Hospital hosts a breast cancer support group meeting

Bengaluru, October 2018: SPARSH Hospital recently hosted a breast cancer support group meeting in the honour of breast cancer awareness month. The insightful event saw the presence of a handful of breast cancer survivors who shared their experiences of battling this potentially deadly disease. The session also shed light on the importance of spreading awareness, going for annual checkups, and making lifestyle changes in preventing breast cancer.
“Cancer is a disease that doesn’t discriminate between gender, with both men and women falling victim to it. When it comes to women, breast cancer is the most common cancer and is the leading cause of deaths due to cancer. The figures are not so alarming for men, but they can get affected by breast cancer as well,” said Dr Jayanthi S Thumsi, oncologist and a breast cancer surgeon at SPARSH Hospital, Yeshwanthpur.
“Simple techniques like breast self-examination once in a month by women aged over 30 years and Mammogram once in a year by women 40 years and above can help in early detection. If breast cancer is detected early, the treatment becomes simpler and more importantly, complete cure is possible,” she added further.
Women over 30 have more risk of developing breast cancer; hence breast self-examination is an effective way to detect lumps or abnormalities. Ideally, the self-examination should be done 7 days after the menstrual cycle.
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women from all walks of life. While it can be cured if diagnosed early, several lives are lost every year due to this. Besides from the lack of awareness of signs of breast cancer, non-availability of proper screening methods and unwillingness to talk about it are also major reasons behind low survival rate. SPARSH Hospital is also offering free breast cancer screening for women, as part of breast cancer awareness month’s observance. Post the first level of screening, if required, even the Mammogram will be provided for free of cost.
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At SPARSH we stand for achieving Clinical Excellence with Social Relevance. Making a difference and having a larger impact on our Society at large is very fundamental to us. We want to make quality healthcare accessible to the poorer and we see this as our responsibility. We at SPARSH know we have a lot to feel proud of. In a short span of 12 years, we have achieved a tremendous amount. Today, we are successfully delivering our excellence as Super-Specialty Hospital in Yeshwanthpur (Launched in May 2015). SPARSH has grown to 1000+ employees with expertise across various specialities and delivering excellent care to people from all walks of life.SPARSH Hospital hosts a breast cancer support group meeting

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