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VLCC brings leading French skincare brand ERICSON LABORATOIRE to India

ERICSON facial range will be available exclusively at VLCC centres

New Delhi, October 24, 2018: VLCC, a leading Indian beauty and wellness chain, has partnered with renowned French skincare brand ERICSON LABORATOIRE, to introduce 5 out of their 14 premium range of facial treatments and homecare range in India. The first 5 facial treatments introduced at VLCC centres include - Fresh Caviar, Slim-Face-lift, Enzymacid, GenX Skin and Perfection, which are suitable for all skin types and successfully tackle the visible signs of ageing and various skin problems.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE’s treatments are the result of scientific expertise based on the knowledge and thorough understanding of various physiological problems that improve the beauty of one’s face by affecting the skin. The therapeutic approach taken by the brand with its line of facial treatments are intended for consumers who are seeking a genuine skin care treatment that gives visible and long-lasting results, without recourse to a medical procedure of any kind. This line of facial treatments is good for all skin types and can treat wide spread skin concerns of pigmentation, dull and dehydrated skin, collagen elastin deficiency, wrinkles & jowls formation, fine lines , age marks, blemishes and skin resurfacing. 

Speaking on the partnership, Ms. Monica Bahl, Sr. Vice President – Operations, VLCC Healthcare Ltd. said, “At VLCC, we constantly strive to bring in the best and the latest scientific dermal solutions to our customers, by collaborating with the best skincare brands from across the world. We are elated to partner with ERICSON LABORATOIRE. Their skin care treatment line has some of the most scientific, innovative and high performing products which ensure to bring the skin back to its optimal condition. This range when combined with the expertise of our in-house beauticians, will provide customers solution to all their skin concerns, resulting in a healthy and radiant skin.”

Speaking on the launch, Ms. Fabienne Prudent, Trainer, ERICSON LABORATOIRE said, “We are delighted to partner with VLCC and launch 5 top of line, world class, facial treatment lines and related homecare, this festive season across India. The Ericson Laboratoire skincare range is suited to all Indian skin types and the active ingredients used are all very high tech. The skincare treatment line deals with all types of problems: fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, premature ageing, uneven skin tone, skin resurfacing, collagen elastin remodelling, hydration etc. The results achieved are quite visible in just a single session though for optimal results, continual packages addressing the anomaly are needed. Results are highly satisfactory.”

Details of the Facial Range:

Fresh Caviar 

Intense regeneration treatment dedicated to mature skins as well as to devitalized skin, the professional fresh caviar treatment uses all the virtues of caviar to fight against premature ageing. This treatment with its high nutritious and regenerating potential helps to stimulate cell metabolism deep down and provide essential nutrients to the skin’s youthfulness. 

Slim Face Lift

This treatment is designed for men and women who want to fight signs of facial ageing naturally and effectively, without using a heavy invasive surgical procedure. This technique is excellent for targeting fatty areas, such as double chin, chubby cheeks and sagging skin. Its active ingredients work on increasing collagen production and giving a lift to jowls.


The GENXSKIN treatment uses all the energy potential it has as a powerful and innovative agent, to enable the reactivation of 14 genes involved in the structure of the extracellular matrix, for a visible anti-aging effect in just a few sessions. 


It is a high-performance exfoliation method which combines 5 high-tech cosmetic innovations, inspired by the latest medical beauty treatments. This multi-action peeling treatment dramatically improves the quality of the skin tissues, removes superficial layers and dead cells, enhances complexion radiance, etc. It is ideal for those who have a dull complexion, smoke, have pigmented blotches or keratinized thick skin, residual scars, superficial spots, and tired-looking skin. 


Enhance the radiance of complexion with this lightening treatment program. Three active ingredients and three actions characterize these care products―the genetic actions, the pigmentation action, and the protective action. This treatment effectively regulates the skin color and lightens the face, while correcting localized pigment spots.

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