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Best Momos In South Delhi at Momo Addiction in Satyaniketan

Looking for the best momos in South Delhi? Just head to Momo Addiction in Satyaniketan and satisfy all your cravings for super tasty momos. Momo Addiction may as well be one of the best places for momos in entire Delhi-NCR and not just South Delhi. The momos they serve are truly delightful and it’s a challenge to stop eating them. The name justifies the addictive stuff they serve here at Momo Addiction.

The secret – What makes these momos so tasty?

We had tasted momos at quite a few places in Delhi-NCR, but they were never as good as the ones served at Momo Addiction. Not saying momos at other places were bad, but just the thing that momos at Momo Addiction are in a league of their own. Naturally, we wanted to know their secret recipe and inquired about the same with the restaurant’s owner. As expected, we weren’t revealed the entire trade secrets, but the restaurant owner did share a very significant clue. He told us that momos at Momo Addiction were prepared using vegetable juices, which gives them their heavenly taste. The vegetable juices also keep the momos moist and juicy, which creates an entirely different, delectableexperience on your taste buds.

A mostly busy restaurant

Momo addicts throng Momo Addiction in large numbers, so the place is always bustling with people. The place is hugely popular with South Campus students, which ensures a lively energy to the place. You may have to wait some time to get a seat, but the wait will be worth it. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for a seat, you can always eat outside the restaurant.

What we had at Momo Addiction

Since it started, Momo Addiction has introduced various other items in addition to momos. However, momos continue to be the most favorite food at Momo Addiction. We tried various momos and the ones that were truly unique in taste ad flavor were tandoor momos, gravy momos, and KFC momos. We had never tasted anything like this ever before. We only tried chicken momos, but we have heard that their veg and paneer momos are equally good. We also had noodles and fried rice, which was okay. Momo Addiction serves a lot more stuff, but we decided to try them at a later date.

We would definitely recommend Momo Addiction if you are looking for an extraordinary experience with momos. The place has good music and pool tables as well. It has a peppy ambience and is buzzing with youthful energy. If you want to taste the best momos in South Delhi, just head to Momo Addiction in Satyaniketan.

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