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Political Consulting in India is slowly gearing up and creating an Impact in Indian Politics but lacking the standards like in U.S and U.K where its impact is seen not only in election management but also in Policy making.

Poll Survey Companies like Today’s Chanikya, Cfore, Karvy have been giving their support to a lot of Politicians all these years. Now, it’s the Political Strategy Companies which have become pillar of strength to the political parties. Survey Companies get the pulse of the public, whereas Political Consulting firms get the opinion, work upon it and come up with a strategy to bring in the positive wave in favour of the Party. With the opinions and strategies on similar platform, political consultants are bringing a great deal of difference in the political scenario.

Political Consulting is a new emerging industry and political parties are eyeing these services to have a sure shot victory. In this industry which is in a very nascent stage compared to western countries we have predominantly two companies which are working for state level parties making their mark, IPAC (Indian Political Action Committee) & NPAC (National Political Action Committee). IPAC, headed by Prashanth Kishore and NPAC headed by Dev based out of Gujarat both are now predominantly focused on AP and Telangana Politics. Both Prashanth Kishore and Dev have their roots from BJP, they have worked for 2014 elections and presently occupied with upcoming Elections in the South. The companies have the most anticipated Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh as clients. IPAC is working with YSRCP with a team comprising of 70-80 employees and NPAC is working with JanaSena Party with over 150 employees working round the clock.

IPAC’s strength lies in its proven strategies and methodologies and NPAC’s strength is its technical and scientific approach to ground level work. NPAC is ahead of its’ competitor IPAC which does not offer services to the core like booth level committee formation, training, influencer management, issue recognition, image management and war room management. Dev, Chief Political Strategist of JSP has core BJP– Hindutva background that is helping him have vast ground level connectivity in a typical methodology of how BJP has grown in states, which wereunexpected like Assam and Tripura.

IPAC’s Prashant Kishore with prominent victories under its belt like lok sabha 2014 , bihar and punjab is good at strategies and alliances whereas NPAC’s strenghth lies in the ground level management of party workers with innovative mass communication programmes. Dev being a highly trained public speaker, motivational trainer and life coach has tactically put himself into the forefront and has been delivering high impact motivational speeches for cadre to bring the new party into the 2019 Election race. NPAC is delivering the party needs by conducting booth level trainings to the cadre for all 175 constituencies of AP and if strategy companies can go a step ahead and start public connect programmes like this, political consulting will bloom into a whole new era. If we look around only polished public speakers can emerge as leading politicians. NPAC has this advantage with its army of trained Public speakers locally in favor of its clients. For a Party like JanaSena where visibility was less since inception, strategy was very much a need and so is the priority for many top parties in the country. Though the Party is fighting its first elections, with a power pack support of NPAC it is bringing in a huge impact. Discovering the issue, uncovering the truth behind it and attaching a party line to it with robust speakers in various fronts should be the core job of political consulting companies.

Prashant Kishore’s organised approach will always have the first move advantage but right now NPAC team has definitely has the edge by looking at the way its clientele is growing in the south. NPAC’s sources inform us that they are expanding into Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other North Indian marketswhereas IPAC’s Prashanth Kishore has joined as Vice President of JDU and is expected to play a crucial role in the Party. This makes NPAC the only player as Prashanth Kishore has left the industry. Now, lets see who plays a larger role in 2019 Elections.

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