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India’s #MeToo movement by Anuja Kapur

The #MeToo movement has certainly taken the country by a storm and widened the horizon of our society as well. The people in our country have long been the target of sexual harassment and misconduct. Now, in a developing India, women have felt empowered enough to speak up and spread their personal Me too episodes—both on social media and in news outlets. The #MeToo movement has been a compelling cause in assisting to hike awareness of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace. This vast movement has provided with us with a superb platform for those affected to speak openly about their experience.  It is very difficult to understand other people's painI am appreciative that women are vocalizing about the inhuman treatment of these men with power and clout.

So far, most of the people who have come forward have been women but this #ME TOO movement should not be gender biased and help both genders towards justice equally. What so ever,women do experience more sexual harassment in the workplace than men but some men also are the victims of this cruel act. Emerging evidence convey that sexual harassment against men in the workplace is also on the ascent. It seems that sexual harassment is an issue that impacts both sexes. Istrongly hate an ambiance where women or men for that matter are looked down upon or ill-treated in any offensive manner.
Sexual misconduct and harassment is sure enough nothing new found in our country.  It was off the hook in the past and now it is rightfully taking center stage where it should have been years back. We are in a period of great change. The #MeToo movement has been very thriving in helping women find their stand on this content.Maybe it’s time more men also stand up for themselves, their is no shame in it, instead it is the culprits who should be ashamed of themselves. The #MeToo movement is taking shape for the benefit of the victims and helping them towards justice.

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