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A Women’s Guide to Financial Security (Bulletproof Your Marriage)

“How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce” is a newly released book on Amazon. The book aims of reducing the dreadful divorce rate in America. Fifty percent of first marriages are destined to end in divorce court, dashing romance, destroying hopes and driving children to despair. “Something has to change”, says author John Stirling Kinross, a CPA and forensic accountant, who witnessed the devastation in divorce court over 20 years. He noted how most women are unprepared for the challenge and, well, get screwed out of their share of community assets and support. His stories are taken from real life courtroom dramas and point to something even more significant for the “Me Too” women of America – How to Bulletproof your Marriage. 

This book reveals women’s struggles over financial inequality which serve as a guide to empower women to wake-up and start down the path toward financial security. Kinross offers information and resources to aid women in all stages of their life, including those entering marriage, women in marriage, and women going through divorce.

Former fighter pilot and seasoned forensic accountant, John Stirling Kinross wows in his valiant guide "How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce: Bullet Proof Your Marriage." With something for everyone, this book is filled with relatable vignettes and invaluable tips on how to protect yourself from financial woe in the before, during and after stages of a relationship. Overflowing with important tips, we gushed at his promise that approaching your taxes from a "married, filing separately" standpoint removes liability from one spouse to another's risky ventures or past times. "Everyone needs a doomsday plan," he says, "the government has one, why shouldn't you?" This is a must-read for every woman, and an absolute necessity for a woman approaching marriage, in marriage or divorce. I speak for women everywhere when I say, "Thank you Mr. Kinross." – Adelheid Waumboldt, President of Iset Agency

“How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce” is not the typical approach that most relationship self-help books provide. While other counseling books focus on the interpersonal aspects of marriage, Kinross takes a different approach. He focuses on the root cause of most failed marriages: disputes over money and assets. This leads sometimes to rejection and infidelity. The book is a financial guide for women to share equally in ownership and control of finances and assets. It’s the new marriage for this Me Too and millennial world.

“How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce,” (Bulletproof Your Marriage) is available now on Amazon in paperback or Kindle Edition.

About the Author: John Stirling Kinross began his career in the accounting field as a Certified Public Accountant. Disenchanted by the mundane, everyday life of a CPA, he utilized his accounting, auditing and investigative skills to become certified in the specialty known as Forensic Accounting. Today, he is an accomplished author on a mission to save marriages by empowering women with the knowledge of how to take control of their finances.

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