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Announcement of “App Ape Mobile Market White Paper 2018”

Revealing the App Market Situation in US, Japan and South Korea 

Fuller, a Japanese leading provider of analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, today announced ”App Ape Mobile Market White Paper 2018”?Reference Period: September, 2018), a report on the status of smartphone app usage and app rankings by category in US, Japan, South Korea.

*Android Data Only?based on App Ape’s data estimates). 

“Nowadays where consumers have started to have discerning eyes towards apps, I think what is required of app developers/publishers is to, while understanding the trend of competitors’ products, promptly realize the preferences and thoughts of app users and modify and update the contents of app by conforming to those factors”, says Shuta Shibuya, Founder and CEO, Fuller.

“It is expected that user app engagement and expenditures will rise in the future. In US, Japan and South Korea where the possibility of continuous market growth stands out, in order to succeed in app business, keeping an eye on ‘other companies app usage status’ and ‘user's needs’ and responding to the market movements quickly and accurately is more important than anything else. Fuller, through App Ape as ‘Accurate Market Analysis Platform’ and ‘Insights’ gained from the data App Ape provides continues to provide opportunities to all clients and customers to enhance the accuracy of their own company’s apps. Fuller, together with supporting further growth of app provider clients through partnerships with app provider businesses, will continue to contribute to users experiencing the best of mobile apps.”

Main highlights of White Paper include

Mobile OS Market Shares :

Focusing on Mobile OS Market Shares of 3 countries, the results are as follow: US (Android: 47.6%, iOS: 52.4%), Japan (Android: 31.8%, iOS: 68.2%), South Korea (Android: 72.2%, iOS: 27.8%). The ratio is almost equally shared in US, approximately 70% in Japan for iOS, and over 70% Android users in South Korea.

Number of apps used per month :

Number of new apps installed, US?approx. 71, Japan: approx. 80, South Korea: 102. However, the actual app (activation) usage ratio** is - US: 36.3% (approx. 26 apps), Japan?31.8% (26 apps), South Korea: 38.0% (39 apps). It was understood that Apps used on daily bases are carefully selected.

**The actual app (activation) usage ratio: apps which user used at least once a month / all apps which users downloaded

MAU Ranking by App Category - Communication :

Ranking in US, 1st: Chrome, 2nd: Gmail, 3rd: Messenger, 4th: Samsung Internet Browser, 5th: WhatsApp Messenger. “Messenger” and “WhatsApp Messenger” turned out to be primary communication tools. Ranking in Japan: 1st: Chrome, 2nd; LINE, 3rd: Gmail, 4th?Sp Mode Mail?April 2018 onwards, App’s new downloads impossible), 5th: SMS. LINE, ranked 2nd, with more than 1.8 million MAUs demonstrates a great presence. Sp Mode Mail, a NTT Docomo’s app which is one of the 3 biggest carriers in Japan and KDDI’s SMS, also one of the biggest 3 carriers in Japan, are ranked 4th and 5th respectively. In South Korea: 1st: KakaoTalk, 2nd: Chrome, 3rd: Samsung Internet Browser, 4th: T?? (calling app), 5th: Gmail. ”KakaoTalk” as the general communication tool indicates that it has an established position in the field of Communication app category.

MAU Ranking by App Category - Finance : 

In US; 1st: PayPal Mobile Cash, 2nd: Cash App. In Japan, 1st: Rakuten Card, 4th: d Card App, 5th: Rakuten Bank. In South Korea; 1st: ?? : ??? ???? (P2P payments app)?2nd: Mobile ISP Service. Overall, compared to full service retail banking apps, the rise of FinTech apps such as online payment, instant P2P payments, credit settlement, direct banking, etc. is prominent. With the recent advancement in cashlessness, it might be considered that demands on a specific area in the FinTech field such as P2P payments has become popular compared to full-service retail banking apps.

MAU Ratio by App Category (Total MAU of the category / Total MAU of all apps) :

Compared to the other 2 countries, the category with the highest MAU ratio are: in US: Productivity Apps (US: 9.9%, South Korea: 7.2%, Japan: 6.7%), in Japan; Tool Apps (Japan: 16.0%, US: 12.9%, South Korea: 11.1%), and in South Korea; Finance Apps (South Korea: 8.7%, US: 4.4%, Japan: 2.1%). It can be concluded that: 1) In the US, it is expected of apps to make work more efficient and productive, 2) In Japan, pre-installed tools apps are being used as they are, and 3) In South Korea, national preference towards cashless culture has been born.

Download and read the full White Paper for
Smartphone Usage Rate
Monthly Average App Activation Rate
Monthly Active User Ratio by App Category
Rankings by App Category
Gaming App?
App Monthly Average Activation Rate
MAU Rate by Sub-Category
MAU Top 20 
and more …

To download the App Ape White Paper 2018 directly on the page, fill out the form from here.

About App Ape

App Ape is an online platform on which you can obtain information on app data (number of active users per day or month, usage rate by gender and age, ranking of apps with rapidly rising popularity rate, etc.) derived through big data analysis of apps. Through App Ape, you can grasp market trends and information on competing apps, so that you can acquire information that is essential in marketing your own app. In addition, App Ape's dashboard also supports mobile devices meaning you can easily check the data on the go. Currently, app data provided by App Ape cover 7 countries including US, Japan, Korea, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Moreover, more than 5,000 local and global companies are listed as clients with a proven track record.

About Fuller

Fuller is the Japanese leading provider of analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, founded in 2011 by Shuta Shibuya, who was selected as Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2016", and Hiroki Sakurai. Fuller primarily offers 2 main services - Fuller’s flagship product which is “App Analysis Support Service” through “Ape Ape”, and “Smartphone Joint-Development Service” providing planning, developing, operating, and analyzing customer’s app business. 

At present, Fuller has offices in 2 countries - Japan (Chiba, Tokyo, Nigata, Tsukuba) and South Korea. Also, the company has successfully raised funds of approximately $ 12.8 million (¥ 1.45 billion/$ 1=¥ 113) in total.

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