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How Multi User Facilities are Solving Logistics Challenges faced by manufacturers

As the Economy progresses & the manufacturing/ corporate sector gets more formalised the storage space is shifting from old age godowns to modern infrastructure. They are no longer a separate entity in the supply chain to store merchandise but Integrated into Supply chain with greater Inventory management.  This will increase the need for organised warehouses with state-of-the-art technology so that supply-chain can operate at at-most efficiency.

Mindset for poor quality godowns pose major threats like the loss of precious lives & goods in fires, theft, damage in these traditional setups has been quite common. This has resulted in major revenue losses for companies. The new warehouses will have cutting-edge technologies to match the demands of the manufacturing units and customer expectations. The modern warehouses are built on state of the art infrastructure, Strategic location with view point of Supply & Services, right plot size with more investments with all statutory approvals/ NOC in place as per state & central government norms. Advanced technology is used for managing security aspect of the premises like CCTV cameras, Bar Code, Barriers, Tri mix floors,Ramps & bollards etc. for detection & Access control.

With trained manpower, modern & mechanised firefighting equipment the accidents ratio are sure to come down despite high thorough put expected out of these projects as they are equipped with Intelligent addressable fire detection &alarm Systems, Automatic sprinkler systems, Smoke Aspirating detection system, Portable fire extinguisher & fire hydrant system. 

Also notable is that these warehouses are also working hard on the important Safety aspects outside the project like wide roads, easy accessibility, facilities to drivers, dust free operations amongst others.

Regular Fire Safety Audits & maintenance of Equipment & retraining of manpower ensures professional services being offered to the Clients & benefitting the economy as a whole.

Recognising the constant change in customers demand, Varuna Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (VIL) and Contract Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (CLPL) have come together to create a single roof warehouse at Shambhu Barrier, Punjab near Ambala of covered area of 4.3 lacs sq ft in 20 acres. For all the manufacturing units operating out of Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, this Multi-User Facility will act as a gateway to rest of India. This will help eliminate multiple warehouses and will bring down operations cost up to 10%.

Some of the important facts about the Multi-User Facility are: 
  • Fully dust free
  • 60 feet approach road
  • 200 meters from the highway
  • G+6 Racking/Bulk Space
  • Parking space for 100 trucks
  • Automated MIS and 100% Technology Enabled Operations
  • Drivers lounge/resting area for Staff & Drivers
  • Canteen for food, Tea, Vending Machines
  • Locker Room for Personnel
Warehouse management is complex, but when it's done right, it can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase warehouse operational efficiency. That is exactly what VIL & CLPL is here to help you achieve your business goals.

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