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How did Tom Fitzgerald get inside my head and know exactly what I needed to be told? A thoughtful and thought-provoking book.” 
—Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, commenting on Beyond Chicken Soup

Kingsley Books, an independent publisher of hardcover works of fiction and nonfiction, is pleased to announce release of its initial offerings, including three hardcover titles and a unique line of message-bearing greeting cards.

According to author-publisher Tom Fitzgerald, “Kingsley Books aspires to enrich the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of our readers through the medium of thoughtfully-conceived, artfully-crafted works of fiction and nonfiction. Our measure of success is the degree to which our readers keep their KB offerings within easy reach so they can refer to them over and over.”

According to Fitzgerald, Kingsley Books’ initial hardcover titles include two works of nonfiction—Beyond Chicken Soup: Toward a Life Worth All the Considerable Bother; and Richard the Poorer’s (Gluten-Free) Food 4 Thought—and one work of fiction: a fable for adults and near-adults titled Gabriel: King of Hearts.

Adding to the mix, according to Fitzgerald, is a limited-time-only reissuance of the highly-acclaimed novel Poor Richard’s Lament (Hobblebush Books). According to Michael Zuckerman, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, Poor Richard’s Lament “joins John Barth’s Sot-Weed Factor as the best historical fiction of early America ever written.”

With a bow to Ben Franklin, Fitzgerald added, Kingsley Books intends to publish an Almanack each year consisting of thoughts and ideas from people unaffiliated with Kingsley Books. The first Almanack [Ben’s spelling] is scheduled for publication in December 2019.

“As a little extra incentive for people to visit our gorgeous website,” Fitzgerald noted, “visitors will be able to download a work of fiction in weekly installments.” For more information on Kingsley Books and its offerings, visit

Tom Fitzgerald, Kingsley Books publisher, led a Huckleberry Finn childhood along the St. Lawrence River before undertaking formal studies in physics, mathematics, law, industrial management, and English. Tom is the author of nine books.

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