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Real Estate Trends in 2019

1. Technology driven features - Transforming Residential Real Estate rising trend 2019

(Virtual tools, house hunting thru websites, easy and quick property information new technology in construction etc)

The future looks bright, as the new age technology is changing the way. Today with the help of advanced technology, it is possible to get data of buildings / houses of different cities and countries. Hence, it is easy for them to base their ideas of the place and even easier to compare regarding prices and other features.

2. Student Housing - 2019 will grow in metro cities

Clearly, every person migrates to a big city to succeed and to make something better out of themselves. Growth and success, in my opinion, is an incremental and benchmark-based parameter i.e., people base their needs and subsequent decisions not in isolation or in absolute sense but in relative context.

India is one of the highest populated country, where 30% of population is youth. It is very important for our population to get enough exposure and work experience to work efficiently and carry forward process. So student housing is essential.

3. Home decor trends that will rule 2019

In my opinion, Modernism is a philosophical choice which involves exercising the mind to break the traditional boundaries of design by experimenting with forms, colors and, while maintaining the function of the intended space.

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